There and Back Again, Found a Job in New York

21 12 2008

Well people…vacation is so, so, over. I’m thinking that it would be impossible to go through life and not spend a few months living abroad again. If you’re thinking of a vacation, try going to a language school like I did – spend an extra few hundred dollars, go with a friend or by yourself, and meet tons of great people and get more out of your experience.

For all you Americans out there that are afraid to travel- there’s a whole other world that exists beyond our borders. I know it seems crazy, but it’s true. And people out there are not mean, and they like us…in fact, they’re obsessed. So go out there, and make some new friends.

I’m back in New York and I’ve found myself a job. Yes, even in the economy, people are still partying and drinking, new restaurants are opening every day, and there is still work out there for people who are not picky.

But I, dear friends, will no longer be blogging. I don’t want to blog about my life…I just want to live it. And I’m ready now, more than ever.

It was fun blogging about my experience abroad and I thank you so much for sharing it with me. I wish I could have shared a lot more, but right now…do a little digging and you will find a wealth of other blogs out there. Try or – Look into the “tags” section and you will find blogs about anything and everything, and if I find some good ones, I will occasionally link to them here.

For now – try reading – This is a site I have with a couple of friends where we find all the quirky, positive and hopeful news out there (Yes, there is still some good news out there!). It’s everything from – ‘re-using old subway cars as coral reefs’, to ‘why watching  David Caruso on Law & Order makes you hungry.”

subway cars

If anyone would like to take over this site and write about your own adventure- please contact me at channon(‘AT’ symbol)!

Thank you for reading!


Back in NYC and looking for a JOB

8 12 2008

I’m back in NYC. After a short jaunt to Philadelphia to check out some opportunities, I’m back in the heart of the country.

Every story on the radio, every big segment on television is a sob story about the economy. Unemployment is up, hope is way way way down. And today, I will do my first official pounding-of-the-pavement.

There are still lots of jobs posted on craigs list for servers, but I’m expecting most open interviews to be cattle-calls. And of course, the restaurants where you never make any money are always hiring. And EVERYONE wants you to know wines…I don’t recall that being an elective in college. They never teach you the important stuff….

Best site for working in the food industry in NYC –

Back from France and Feeling…uh…yeah….

16 11 2008

My vacation of a lifetime is now over. I’m no longer in France, I’m no longer dating french guys with  motorcycles. I’m no longer eating baguettes and frommage-frais on a daily basis. I miss my vacation, but honestly- I knew it was only temporary. I’ve got to grow up sometime. It’s great to see friends again, and to jump back into living the high-life in New York City.

I’m back in NYC and all my friends are scaring the shit out of me with all this economy-grise stuff. I’m very happy about Obama…but the magic he’ll try and pull out of his hat is a little too early for all the job-hunting I’ll have to do. More on that to come…

One thing I will NOT go back to is a daily-grind that excludes doing the stuff I want to do — like writing. I’m attempting to write for 3 hours every day except Saturday – blogs/short stories/the outline stage of a novel. I’ll keep you up on my progress.

I started on Wednesday and so far – Week 1 – I got a 3 1/2 out of 4. One day, the mess I created in my mom’s living room just made me crazy and I cleaned. (cleaning along with cooking – will be my nemesis…I can already see it now… Clean room….Packed fridge…and nothing else getting done.) 

To make up for my serious lack of writing in the past few weeks, check out “Slow Like Honey” a super-fun blog about baking, j-crew catalog shopping, and fiona apple. This is such a sweet and successful blog, and author Amanda updates all the time-

Thanks for the Fiona Apple link, Amanda! This really takes me back.

Photos from Paris France, Jardins du Luxembourg et La Rue

7 10 2008

Photos from walking around in Paris.

Jardin des Plantes, Paris

These photos were taken at the Jardins des Plantes in Paris – the Botanical Gardens of Paris, if you will. This garden is completely free, had many blooming flowers even in October, and has several nice exhibits for kids and people like me who are nil with biology. One exhbit chronicals the millions of years of history of the earth while you’re walking – you just have to see to believe it!

had to get me some boots for paris – can’t do the sneakers here!

Jardin des Plantes, Paris

Many, Many street photos – including this little cafe – where I accidentally ordered LIVER…oh la.. (it said BOEUF!)

Girls outside of the Sorbonne

This is what people do, alll dayyy – hang in cafe’s – rain or shine.

These photos were taken at one of my favorite spots in Paris – The Jardins du Luxembourg. They were originally built to please Queen Marie de Medici, Henri IV’s widow – I guess she was feeling homesick. So this reminded her of Florence. It’s now the home of the Senate, and is a central place to play tennis, chess, or just walk around. It contains over a 100 statues of some of the women of France.

For the link to more, go to my Picasso site:

Photos from Paris#2, France – Strike and Musee D’Orsay

7 10 2008

Photos from my first week in Paris – just wandering around alllll daaayyy loonnnggg.

These are photos of a “greve” a strike in Paris. These happen quite often and people often return to work the same day or next. They are held more to show opposition – usually complaining about a salary. This was for Hospital Workers.

‘Grise’ refers to the economic crisis in the US. They talk constantly about it, as they do everywhere. So far, there have been several small French Banks that have been hurt, but the worst of the damage is yet to come. Funny enough, aside from your house mortgage, many French people I’ve met here owe nothing on credit cards or loans. It’s not part of the culture and students rarely graduate with a hefty monthly payment because school is “gratuite!”

Musee D’Orsay – The Museum of Post-Renaissance, Impressionist and Post-Impressionists (1848-1914). It’s got all the good stuff, so make sure you stop there.

(highly DON”T recommend the food – awful, tiny cafeteria, and 2 over-priced restaurants).


For more, click on the link to my picasso photo gallery –

A Month in Paris

7 10 2008

I’ve just spent a week in Paris – it’s beautiful but bittersweet, because Paris is the beginning of the end of my past 5 months in France. After this, it’s back to NYC, back to strolling the streets looking for a job, back to the grind, back to real life.

Paris is beautiful. As far as size and diversity, it has nothing on NYC or London or Tokyo. But every road, every street is “pretty” – creamy apartment buildings, long stretching boulevards, jardins and parks at every corner. I suppose it helps your city if you’ve had people like Catherine Medici and Napolean dispensing all the people’s taxes on whatever monument they dreamed up. But even the streets that are not dated from centuries ago are “cute”. When it has just rained, all the black streets are glissening and young ladies with dripping wet bangs sweeping across their foreheads are chatting in cafes like the night will never end.

Unfortunately – my time on the computer is hindered – not by my situation (my aunt is lovelingly taking me in, feeding me and being generally super-generous), but rather because I head out every day and meet up with friends and ‘balader’ and walk around (and spend the rest of the time planning a trip to Italy).

I promise a gigantuan load of photos…very, very soon.

For now, Good LUCK to all the Americans, and to everyone else – Bonne Journee.

Bread and Cheese in France – Where Life Gets Good

24 09 2008

Here’s an exerpt from my latest piece for my friend Clarence’s Food Blog! Click here for the full article –

Ahhh…Bread and Cheese. The very basics of French Cuisine. If you head to your local Whole Foods and attempt to pick out a French cheese, it can seem pretty daunting, it seems like there are a million varieties and they all have names that sound funny. Likewise, it is nearly impossible to find a decent crusty bread, both in the US AND even in France. Either it’s uber-chewy on the outside and goopy in the middle or it lasts for less than one day and unlike me, you can’t bring yourself to eat an entire baguette in 4 hours….